About Us

AriShae Cosplay, A Mother/Daughter Sewing Design and Cosplay Team

The founders of AriShae Cosplay are Bobbi Lynn, professional seamstress of 25+ years, and her cosplaying daughter, Ariana Shae. Combining our passions, we provide quality costumes for conventions, photo shoots, or just for fun. Browse our shop to view our products or feel free to commission specific pieces that you have in mind.

About Ariana Shae:

My name is Ariana Shae Fennell and I’m a cosplayer with a specific interest in pokemon. I’ve absolutely loved pokemon since I got Pokemon Blue for the Game Boy Color and have played it ever since. I was first interested in cosplay in high school, but did not heavily explore it until the past three years. Although my mother is the seamstress of the family, I began making costumes of my own and plan to continue to do so for many years to come.

I was first interested in video games because of my older brother. As kids, we were always playing nintendo games, so I especially love characters from Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon. Since then, my interests have broadened a bit to include different types of games and quite a few anime. One thing that I love about cosplay is the endless amount of amazing characters to choose from.

About Bobbi Lynn
My name is Bobbi Lynn Provan and I am a professional seamstress with over 25 years of sewing experience. Ever since my daughter, Ariana Shae, was a baby I have enjoyed dressing her up in cute outfits. Thanks to the popularity of cosplay and my daughter’s involvement with it, I have the privilege of continuing this tradition and passing along my sewing knowledge to her.

I have had a passion for sewing since I was a young child. It was actually after my daughter was born that I quit my regular job to pursue sewing at home full time. Over the years, I have made everything from dolls to ball gowns to custom clothing for plus sized women. I have done sewing alterations, restored old quilts, made handbags and even a couple wedding dresses.

Today my passion is designing and making costumes. I am very lucky to have a very smart and talented daughter to work on this with. Together we create all the costumes that we will be adding to this shop. Check back often, our drawing board is always full of fresh ideas and we have big plans to expand our costuming business. We look forward to creating something special just for you.